10 Must Play Addictive Games In Browser

10 Must Play Addictive Games In Browser

Browser games hold a dear place in all of our hearts, whether it’s Club Penguin or Runescape; many of you however, wouldn’t have heard of more exciting, addictive and amazing games for browser. So here is the compilation of 10 play additive games for browser : Key: (F) = Flash (H) = HTML (O) = Other

1. (F) Legend of the Void 1-2

A pretty deep rpg with nice graphics and a decent story. It has a bunch of easter eggs hidden around, and, if you are dedicated, a good amount of replay value to try out the different builds and find what you missed on your first run.

2. (F) My Pet Protector

It’s kind of like princess maker, in a way. You create a hero and tell them what to do chores-wise, level up their stats, and explore dungeons. This one is also part of a series, so make sure to check out the other Protector games if you like Tower Defense.

3. (F) Arkandian Series

If you liked MPP but weren’t a fan of anything but the combat and loot aspect, these games take those ideas and run with them. Make sure to play these in order, seeing as your achievements early on give you nice items in later games. Some achievements, IIRC, unlock races. The order to play is “Crusader, Revenant, Explorer”

4. (F) Sinjid

Now, the Sinjid series has always been a turn-based rpg series, but the game I am talking about is the latest reboot of the series. If you are really into Final Fantasy and other RPGs, give the first two, Shadow of the Warrior and Arena, a try. If you are more into open-world action rpgs, the game “Sinjid” should fill that niche nicely. The bosses are hard, the skill trees are big, the items are unique. WARNING: This is a very large cliented game. The game lets you opt to play without music if it takes too long to load, which, IMHO, indicates how big it is.

5. (F) Monster’s Den

Book of Dread: Into rpgs, but refuse to touch anything that isn’t slathered in a friendly coat of Pathfinder flavoring? This game is for you. Create a party, lead them into a the monster’s den, die. That’s all there is to it.

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6. (F)Armed With Wings Series

The armed with wings series, at it’s core, is a hack-and- slash game. Each game, however, introduced some new mechanics that are worth checking out. The first game involves solving puzzles with your falcon (hawk, eagle? I don’t remember.), while the second introduces weapon-swapping and lets you play as the first game’s main villain. The third game places you in similar shoes to the first and second game, letting you use your bird and weapon-swapping. This time, though, you can level up skills. The story in these games is pretty great, and the third game’s soundtrack is pretty stellar. Make sure to try the spinoff, Red Moon, before you play three. Again, I can’t explain why you need to without spoiling anything.

7. (F) Feudalism 1-3

peaking of Mount & Blade, Feudalism is basically the flash equivalent to it, except for the lack of an ability to join up with a faction. The first two games are dated, but have a more dark fantasy aspect, while the third is much more up-to- code, but includes usage of magic. It’s up to personal preference here.

8. (O) GeoGuessr

You found Carmen Sandiego, you found Waldo, Wally, and whatever other aliases he uses, but can you find yourself? You are lost somewhere on google maps street view, and it’s your job to figure out where that place is. Score is based on accuracy and your position is randomized. May the odds be ever in your favor.

9. (F) RAZE Series

If you liked UT, you will probably like RAZE. It has a two-sided campaign, custom matches, and some what-if missions to play after you beat the game. Instagib is included, of course.

10. (F) The Last Stand

Union City: What? Not into ninja rpgs? How about a zombie rpg? It is an open-world horror RPG. If you liked Silent Hill, you will probably enjoy this game. I can’t tell you much about it without spoiling it, though.
I Hope this helps! If you are bored and got ideas about games and other sort of apps, you can follow Unanimous Studios and get your games developed with your name on it. Featured Image Source