15 Video Editing App For Your Smartphone

15 Video Editing App For Your Smartphone

Do you like apps? Well, this article is all about Creating Videos/Video Editing apps, If you shoot around a lot of video on your phone or are thinking about making and editing your own sketches. We are going to help you discover the wonderful world of app. btw Unanimous Studio can help you in Smartphone App Development & Game developemnt What follows next is the list of the best video editing app the app world has to offer :-

For iOS :-

  • iMovie : iMovie in my opinion is essential for editing video at home or on the go on iOS. Its easy, intuitive, surprisingly in depth at tax-zoom several audio layers new duplicate NIC wise tracks, slow them down, speed them up, go nuts. There’s even a fun trailer preset that allows you to drop footage into an easy to use template like time-line and make movie cloudy trailers and etc.
  •  Pinnacle Studio : Pinnacle Studio for iPhone if you can’t stand iMovie then it is my second preferred go choice smart phone video editor. It’s slightly more complicated and meaty but once you understand you will learn it has better transition options for edits and has many options for in app purchase a fax like picture in picture and filter stuffs. There’s also a nifty tutorial built into the app to help out.
  • Magisto : It is an interesting app that allows you to automatically edit videos, all you do is import clips and the app does rest for you. Based on reviews, it seems like people enjoy it. And if automatic editing is in your bag there’s also the option to edit and add music yourself. You can also make 15 seconds video clip to upload on instagram.
  • Cinefy : Cinefy is an app that has all the stuff that all apps do except that the awesome inclusion of over 100 Hollywood caliber special effects and it’s all easy to include too, Tap and drag and you’re done.

For Android :-

  • KineMaster : This little app is nice and easy to use. First you must pick all the images and clips you want to include in your final creation. After putting these in order you can adjust the volume, color, clips, the fact transitions, short sections, crop the image, you can even draw, add voice over if you want.
  • Adobe Premiere Clip : It will be of particular interest to those who take their editing more seriously. It includes two methods of creation, one automatic and one manual.
  • VivaVideo : It’s a simple app who goal is to make funny videos with its multiple tools. The app lets your record up to five minutes of video. Only filming when you touch the screen. It also let you add filters directly.
  • VidTrim : it allows you to edit single clips from your device or what you have. You can trim footage, add music tracks, and a bunch of fun retro or psychedelic video.

Others (windows 7,windows 8(8.1),windows 10 & mac) :-

  • DAVINCI RESOLVE 12 : The free davinci resolve 12 is a full professional editing & color grading system that is suitable for anyone working on HD & ultra HD projects. You can download this video editing software for windows & mac os x. Its color grading tools are really great simply because using this tools you can make any well recorded videos look much more stunning. You’ll also like the video editor present in this software very much because it has got editor friendly interface with all the editing tools that you may need.
  • VSDC Free Video Editor : VSDC free video editor can be used to edit video files & creating videos of any complexity. VSDC free video editor supports all the popular video, image & audio file formats, so that you don’t have to use any converter to simply edit you videos. With this video editor you get lots of tools such as video converter, video capture, screen capture, disc burner & video downloading tools. Overall VSDC free video editor is very good for YouTube videos.
  • Shotcut : Shotcut is a free, open source, cross-platform video editor. You guys can also consider this video editing software as the best free video editing software, because you can also edit videos for YouTube using this free video editor. Shotcut video editor is pretty easy to use because of its easy to use user interface, so Shotcut is very much beginner friendly. Shotcut is for Windows 7, Windows 8(8.1), Windows 10, Mac & Linux. Or you can say the best video editing software for pc, mac & Linux.

Professional and most reputed software :-

  • Sony Vegas
  • Final Cut
  • Camtasia

Windows 8 Phone :-

  • Movie Edit Touch : It works much like iMovie. Frame by frame edits, joint clips, V transitions, add titles, music, and export your videos as HD movies.
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