5 Apps That Help You Save Money

Google Opinion Rewards for Android: Cannot emphasize enough, this app is awesome!It’s based on how you answer the questions. It creates a profile about you and if you fit into one demographic over another, your demographic might just serve no use for Google.If you recall, small business owners, family providers, and most likely higher demands tends to be with any demographic that has a high consumer. Whereas students, young adults or entry level workers are pretty much of no interest to surveyors.We would also warn against lying as Google does put out fake surveys designed to detect, well liars! We believe the penalty for being caught removes you from the program.Disclaimer : We found that it depends on the accuracy, location, and the frequency of your responses. People in Manhattan are more likely to get questions than those in the midst of nowhere. Also, from time to time they make sure whether you answer bs or not by putting in some nonexistent answer choices.
iPoll for iOS and Android: There’s an app and a website. You can’t cash out until you get to increments of $25. It’s a lot of consumer surveys. You can have it to go Paypal or iTunes cards or Amazon cards, lots of gift card options actually.
iBotta for iOS and Android : You would find iBotta pretty handy. It gives you cash back for scanning stuff you buy plus the receipt. You search for a store that you are going to shop at, like Walmart. All the participating items will be listed at that time, and whatever you will earn will be updated over there. Mostly they pay you 20 cents, but it all adds up. In order to get more rebates, you need to watch some short videos, or take some surveys, etc. You need to verify the items by scanning the bar code, once you’ve finished shopping, and then it will ask you to scan your receipt. Upload that, and you get money in the account within a day usually.
Cartwheel for Android: It’s nice how it aggregates all the coupons so the cashier only needs to scan one barcode to get all the discounts. There is a barcode scanner on the app, but what you would personally like to do is make a list of what you’re planning on shopping for anyway and use their website to search. You can also narrow down categories and view them on the website, then add things to your barcode.
Disclaimer: The app is a bit annoying to try and use when you’re just trying to search by the menus like “groceries -> Dairy” and such.ReceiptPal: Cool app and is pretty much similar to ibotta, you need to take pictures of your receipts and they reward you points for every four recorded. What makes this more interesting is that you can get rebate from the receipts you upload from online purchases, it can also be forwarded to them. So not only can you look at/bring up all your receipts in the app for reference purposes but you can redeem the points for gift-cards at places like Amazon.
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