6 Finance Apps Which Can Save Your Money

We all have Smartphone, the old ways of tracking your finance is gone, so we at Unanimous Studios decided to list such apps, btw if you want to make such apps then we can help you just contact us1. Wallet: Wallet from Budget Bakers do a great work and is free. They support the app frequently and if you have some problem they can help you. And of course, the app is great and precise. It has wear support, and you can share accounts without the premium.
2. Mint: Money Manager, Budget & Personal Finance by Mint.com : Try Mint! It’s pretty safe. They don’t get access to transfer funds, it only analyzes stuff. Pretty solid app, reminds you of payments, you can set spending limits and more. Having the graphs, budget visual, and auto-update that lets you stick to your resolution of finally having a real budget. It puts things in perspective really well. It let’s you link to your accounts—wherever they may be—and set budgets to see how much you’ve got left in the month. Plus it comes with free Equifax and TransUnion credit scores.
3. Moneywise: Definitely moneywise! It’s not the most handsome app out there but in the free version you can already use two different bank accounts and with the pro version the amount has no limits. You can use categories and labels to specify your expenses even more and you can set monthly budgets, for example a budget for groceries each month etc. It gives you a list where you can see all the expenses and incomes for each month and you can also see a circle diagram with all the different categories.
4. YNAB (You need a budget) : YNAB is free for college students anyway. There’s a free trial and a bunch of resources on its website. Plus, it syncs across multiple devices, so you can use your phone or tablet to access it in real time. If you are going from nothing to needing a way of budgeting, then something like YNAB is good. It’s simple and effective for personal budgeting, and really focuses on setting a budget in advance, and revisiting it regularly. If you’re someone who struggles with finances it forces you to account for every dollar, assuming you use their method.
5. Goodbudget: It is really great app that is quick, easy and allows for budgeting, tracking and graphs which work really well. Everything is easy to use and it can sync between devices.
6. iCompta: It lets you set up rules for auto import, auto-categorisation, and generate simple reports to see net gain/loss or how much you spent on various categories. It’s a bit fiddly but is very capable (eg. it can easily track money owed or split between people). It has few if any budgeting features (or you’ve hidden them if it does). iCompta looks like it might be exactly what one needs.