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Who We Are

Unanimous Studio is a Mobile App development division of Unanimous Technology Private Limited.We are among the pioneers in the early adaptation of latest technologies to fulfil the demands of our client and the current market. In 2008 we started working on iPhone SDK and android SDK and since then we have published numerous apps and games for our clients and implementing the latest features being added to these mobile app development platform. We are a team of young and highly motivated individuals who specializes in one or more technological domain varying from software architecture, development and design. We have published thousands of apps for our clients and have developed more than 300 mobile apps/ app templates which are now spread all over the internet.
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Game Development
Graphic Design
Web Development
Unity3d Development
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Meet The Team

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

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Hardik Rathore

After graduating from a Computer Science Course in University, he started working on establishing a company of his own in part time while working full time as a Software Engineer in Mobile App starter and later as a Game Developer in Cyber city before fully moving on his own Venture.

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Mohit Soni

Born and raised Blue City Jodhpur, Mohit is still working hard on getting his graduation degree since 2006 besides he love talking to clients and help solving their problems moreover when it comes to business he nick named as App Terminator for publishing 100 games in a week for our client.

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Vikram Khatri
Project Manager

He plays a great role in keeping together the teams at both of our offices. Sorting out the mistakes and providing solution to improve productivity and quality are his main focus. Besides he love traveling and very fond of keeping a fit physic.

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Yuvraj Singh
Lead Android Developer

He spends time with his pet Danny when not doing research or any programming. With the positive attitude He is flexible in any shot of work and can handle any critical situation.

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Vishal Vaishnav
Lead Web Development

Highly motivated and skilled web developer, Vishal has been the first member of the team ever since the company was founded.