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croasy highway source code

[Free App Source Code] Crossy Highway Road Crossing Game


Move the player across the highway. Cross the roads, rivers, Train and more! Control your character with taps and swipes to advance through the level while avoiding hazards. Score and be the number 1 in leaderboards. How to cross highway Tap to move forward Swipe up, down, left and right to move in those directions. Goals: Make it as far as you can. Collect coins and unlock new characters. Have Fun!FEATURES
  • iOS Optimization: iOS 8 & 64-bit Support
  • iOS Devices: Universal including iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
  • Game Center for Leaderboards & Achievements
  • Best Ad Networks: Chartboost and Vungle
  • Rate: Rate Button
  • In-App Purchase: Remove Ads, Coin Purchase
  • MacBookMac Mini or iMac
  • Unity3D 4.6 or newer
  • Xcode 5.1 or newer
  • valid Apple iOS Developer Account
  • valid Android Developer Account
How to Setup and Reskin Android upload:
  • Build your APK from Unity and upload it on Android developer account (5 minutes)
  • Change the Rate URL, Leaderboard ID, Achievement ID, Chartboost ID, InApp ID and Vungle ID (2 minutes)
  • Import your new models and replace them with existing models ( 60 minutes )
  • Import new UI and replace with it existing UI (10 minutes )
iOS upload:
  • Open player setting in unity and change the bundle ID (1 minutes)
  • Change the Rate URL, Leaderboard ID, Chartboost ID, InApp ID and Vungle ID (2 minutes)
  • Import your new models and replace them with existing models ( 60 minutes )
  • Import new UI and replace with it existing UI (10 minutes ) Of course, you can do it slower or faster than this, but this is what many would take.


Unity 3D Development Services

Unity3d is proprietary Game Development Engine / Editor / platform / ecosystem for game development from Unity Technologies. The aim of unity3d engine is to provide simple and most robust solution for cross-platform game / virtualization application for multiple platforms based on it’s notion Create Once Publish Every Where.


We are Unanimous Studios have been working with unity3d engine since 2010 and have evolved with it’s technology. Our team have developer of varying experience from 3-7 year.


App and game development using Unity is based on a simplistic notion, “develop once, publish everywhere.” This implies that it has the capability of supporting multiple platforms with no compromises with the quality and the performance. Moreover, game development on this platform offers added advantages of lowered costs, with less consumption of time and efforts.

 Unity3D game development makes an entry with noteworthy advantages, but the most important one is :
  • Multiple Platform Deployment
  • Cross Mobile Development (App / Game)
  • Desktop App Development
  • Development for Consoles

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The emergence of Unity3D revolutionized the segment of gaming applications. Unanimous Studios can assist you to get the best services as

  • The potent combination of Unity3D along with the expertise of Unanimous Studios’ team will not only help the clients to unleash their imagination but also facilitate to realize their fantasies and imagination into a power packed mobile game performance across all the popular platforms.
  • Hire Unity3D game developers for your game project for a timely and cost effective game deployment.
  • We provide complete client engagement and involvement right from the commencement of the project.

Graphics Designing

Our team at Unanimous Studios has been developing Graphics for our clients since 2010 . We have designed dozens of websites and over 5k games graphics and many UI/UX for various apps. Our Design team can take your idea and bring it to reality from mere sketch.

Tools and Techniques

Tools we have been using for Graphics Design are :-
  • Adobe PhotoShop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Blender
  • 3DS Max
  • GIMP
  • InkSkape
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Google Sketch
  • Adobe After Effects

Graphics Design Services

Graphics Design Services we can offer to you are :-
  • Logo Design
  • Banner for social media or website
  • Website Design
  • Mobile App UI/UX
  • Game Characters
  • Sketch art
  • Story Boards
  • Short Animated films
  • Branding
  • Video Content Creations
  • PSD to web template conversion
  • Avatar Creation
If you are looking for a Designer for one of the above service we can provide you designer based on fixed rate per project or hourly rates or even a monthly price for dedicated Designer .Feel free to contact us .