Cocos2dx is an open-source, cross-platform, gamedevelopmentsoftwareframework. It is used all over the world. The Cross-platform feature is its huge advantage. We can port the game to multiple platforms like Android & iOS. Cocos2d have different branches including Cocos2d-html5, Cocos2d-x, Cocos2d-XNA. These all version works using sprite. Sprites are coordinated to form a scene, like a game level or a menu. Thus Cocos2D is a popular tool for 2D game and application development.

The Cocos2Dsystemis based on Objective-C coding. Wecustomized the usual game appswith better graphics with this type of coding. The Cocos2D game development services advantage is it exceed the spare time, energy and resources and provide the best game output. This is very helpful for those who have an inventive idea of creating innovative game apps.It uses the OpenGL ES best practices and optimized data structures. There’s also the option to integrate with 3rd party libraries. Cocos2d supports shaders, thus allowing the creation of a large array of visual effects.

Our developers integrate a variety of SDKs into the game depending upon the publishing goal. We ensure high-quality graphics, bug-free, strong core and extensive testing to ensure that game has all it needs to succeed.

Advantages of the Cocos2d framework:-

  • Cross-Platform Game Engine
  • Free &Open Source Framework
  • Large Open Community
  • Easy API for Rapid Development
  • Simple to use
  • Fast & flexible

We develop games for all genres like Adventure, Puzzle, Multiplayer, Casino & Dice, Educational, 2D / 3D, Racing, Sports, Kids, Actiongame, board games, role-playing, shooter, to strategy gameusing Cocos2d.

We follow a simple process for Cocos2D game development:-

  1. Create a concept and game flow
  2. Create innovative graphics
  3. Develop the Deploy application on the app store
  4. Testing and maintenance support for eternal

Quality work is our motto for any kind of development work happens at an intuitive glance at Unanimous Studios. Our expertise is very convenient in developing and creating attractive graphics. Our developers have a solid hook on game physics, sprites, audio and many more features of Cocos2d-x.