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The world of mobile phone technology witnessed the greatest change with the release of Google’s first operating system, Android. Since it’s release android has taken themarket by storm. After iOS, android is the most popular operating system available. It proved to be the most powerful operating systems for mobile phones. Android is the savior of millions of people who can’t afford to buy an iOS. Android is cheap yet a very worthy operating system with all the needed features.


Sinceit’s release android has sold more than 500 million phones globally. The most important feature about android is that it supports a wide variety of applications which is available in the Google Playstore for the users, to select and download. With the increasing popularity of android, the necessity of android development is also on the rise. But, before getting our hands into the details of android development, it is important to know about the development of an app in general. In today’s fast-paced era people are more dependent on their phones for all their work starting from small to big. For example, to run an online business, app development becomes very crucial because it is important for you to remain in touch with your clients.


Now, that we know the importance of an app development, let’s move on to the importance of android development. With the ever increasing popularity of android, it becomes necessary for an android developer to come up with new innovative ideas for apps and games everyday. And there, arises the need to hire an android developer.


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