Here Are List Of IOS 10 Features

Honestly, from a design perspective, we are just loving all the little nuances. Control Center went from a slab of monochrome to having Apple Watch-esque icon colors; Notification Center is lighter gray; wallpaper isn’t blurred when swiping to Proactive, etc.But, iOS 10 is missing some previous features and has a few obvious bugs that they are going to fix. We think people are going to like the new app. We just don’t like how bulky it is. The only advantage for the bulkiness is on the music player and on the lock screen. Earlier, it was impossible to read the artist and album from the lock screen. Besides all these here are some unique and amazing features of iOS 10 that you would love: 
  • As someone who has to use VoIP apps for work, the new API seems pretty cool: Apps can now extend themselves into more places, including the lock screen to look like a phone call of it’s a VoIP app. It’ll look like you’re getting a call with an option to maybe “slide to answer” or something instead of looking like a push notification that is asking you to open the app to answer the call. This is a part of Apple’s initiative to open up more parts of the UI to developers in a secure, consistent, and stable method, including letting apps use Siri, and extend into maps, messages, notifications, etc
  • You would love Home shortcuts in Control Center – very quick way to change light settings.
  • Widgets still available in Notification Center when in apps : Keep widgets in NC in all instances (after all, why not?), and let the user decide which appears first: widgets or notifications.
  • Home button always takes you to an icon page, never the widget page.
  • Seriously, they’re a ton easier and much more useful!
  • HomeKit scenes and accessories in the new Home app.
  • You don’t see auto information until you authenticate by putting a finger on the TouchID sensor without pressing the home button. So some random person can’t just pick up your phone and see data from your widgets.
  • The one thing that you would notice is that the wake alarm seems a bit buggy. Apple Music’s UI is buggy too. Nothing that really impacts usability, though.
  • Fullscreen GIF playback doesn’t stop music now either!
  • iMessage is surprisingly quick. Predictive/adaptive text is spot on.
  • You would love the swipe left to open camera from lock screen. Swiping up from the lock screen was hit or miss. This could probably be your favorite feature. It’s so minor but it will come handy on a backpacking trip or any short trip.
  • The maps interface has really grown up and you would like it. Our only complaint is we feel the search is lacking and they need to improve updating the data.
  • Definitely your most USED feature will be the text from the lock screen 3D touch.
  • Clear all notifications and clear all tabs in Safari.
  • You may find the new bedtime feature in the clock app to be an awesome addition.It covers the whole screen when it’s time to go to bed.
  • All of the added 3D Touch integration. 3D Touch integration works now in so many new places, and interacts very well with the new widget/notification objects. You would also like how new notification response that comes from 3D Touch works, and that hitting home just closes the notification.